Connectopus 2 (beta)

Diff / Merge / Sync

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Compare, merge and sync files across all development environments

Ideal for comparing files across multiple versions/instances of an application. Works across the local file system, SSH/SFTP and Git to compare code, content and data between your development environment, virtual machines/labs, cloud environments, source control, databases and even static files.

Connectopus Features

Connectopus is an application to visually compare local and remote files on Linux and Macs (Windows support coming soon). What makes Connectopus different is that it can compare multiple (many more than two) instances of an application source code at the same time.

If you have source code files in a Git repository, as well as a local development environment, lab environments and production servers, Connectopus can connect to all of them and let you visually compare and sync them all at the same time.

Unlimited Data Source Compare

Connectopus uses SFTP and SSH to connect to remote servers, allowing you to compare your local files with the remote files. You can connect and compare multiple remote and local data sources at the same time. The limit to the number of connections you can compare at the same time is limited only by your computer's resources.

Where Connectopus finds differences in your code files, it will display files that are out of sync in red. Clicking on one of these files will allow you to look at a line-by-line diff comparison of your code.


Compare Files & Folders

Visually navigate through your folder structure to ensure that all of your installations are up to date.

Connectopus can quickly compare two files, and it can just as easily compare multiple folders/directories both locally and remotely via SFTP.

Where you find conflicts in your source code, Connectopus can help you merge your code to resolve conflicts in granular detail.


3-Way Merge

Combine changes from two different versions of a file into a new third document that you can save anywhere on your system, and use the merge to sync these changes with all of your application instances.

Once you've saved your merge, you can use it as the source for a server synchronization, making all instances of your application up to date with this newly merged file.


Detect File Differences Down to the Last Bit

Using SSH, Connectopus can connect to most Linux servers and use MD5 file hashing to avoid downloading the entire file, but ensuring that the files we are comparing do in fact match (or not).

Quickly synchronize file changes across all of your deployment environments. Select line items and sync across servers with one click.

Git Integration

Keep your remote Git repository in sync with your local repository. Connectopus makes it easy to pull the latest changes in your Git repository and compare the code files with remote servers via SFTP.